Our Customers

RestEngine helps you:

Utilize outbound social marketing automation

Reach your subscribers with an independent email channel

Convert users into customers and improve retention using the social graph

Send the right message to the right person at the right time based on their social and app interactions

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Explanation of Benefits

  • Drive revenue
  • Be relevant
  • Market across the social graph
  • Convert installs & likes into customers
  • Utilize viral customer acquisition
  • Use social targeting to move your prospects through the conversion funnel
  • Reduce list fatigue – send the right message to the right recipient
  • Quickly define and execute outbound marketing campaigns – easily support simple and sophisticated marketing processes
  • Take coupon-ing to the next level

Our Product

The next generation outbound social marketing platform

RestEngine’s social marketing automation solution is for today’s app developers and publishers

What do you want to do?

  • Engage your subscribers and keep them involved in your social marketing
  • Convert your likes, connects and installs into buyers
  • Convert your likes, connects and installs into influencers
  • Monetize your social marketing programs
  • Drive revenue programs
  • Reengage your subscribers that are losing interest
  • Optimize and track coupon performance
  • Easily launch & manage marketing campaigns
  • Deliver demand generation and brand building intelligence

Unlock the revenue potential of your app installs and subscriber base.

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Our Team

We are assembling a uniquely qualified team to attack this opportunity

Josh Aberant – Co Founder

Josh is focused on distilling new social marketing techniques into automation. Josh led the Privacy, Best Practices and Deliverability teams at leading Marketing Automation and Revenue Performance Management companies including Marketo, Lyris, EmailLabs and Topica. Josh has been involved in the success of many early stage startups. He was an early employee at Intershop where he helped the company establish its revenue streams and grow to over $100 million in annual revenue. Josh holds a Bachelors in Physics from San Francisco State University and was awarded the Faculty Prize in Physics from Bishops University.

Joe Waltman – CoFounder

Joe is responsible for acquiring and delighting customers. Joe has held engineering, sales, and business development positions at Akamai, Qualcomm, and Boost Mobile. Additionally, Joe has played various roles at a number of early stage start-ups where he closed key sales, grew the teams, and defined product strategy. Joe has computer science degrees from U.C. Berkeley and USC as well as an MBA from INSEAD.

Soren Berg – Developer

Soren is responsible for building our massively scalable and reliable sending infrastructure. Soren takes pride in tackling problems of all shapes and sizes and finding a way to make it work with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Soren holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from Grinnell College and worked as a Post-Baccalaureate Research Assistant until leaving to pursue a Google Summer of Code project. Soren has been with RestEngine since its founding.

Mike Lin – Web/UI developer

Mike is responsible for defining and implementing the user interface of RestEngine’s marketing automation platform. Mike has spent the past 5 years mastering the web technology stack, specializing in rich web UI. Mike holds a combined Bachelors in Chemistry and Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, and coming from a scientific background, was inspired to take UI as his calling after experiencing the terrible UIs of scientific software.

Thede Loder – Advisor

Thede Loder advises Rest Engine in the areas of strategy, fundraising, and technology. Thede is the founder and CEO of Boxbe, Inc., the creator of a popular email screening and prioritizing service. Thede’s career in consumer Internet began in 1995 at match.com as its 3rd technical employee. Thede then co-founded Leverage Information Systems, which was ultimately sold to Diamond Technology Partners (NASDAQ:DTPI). Thede holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester.


"We consider the team at RestEngine as some of our most valuable business partners with their ability to accommodate our unique needs in this hyper-competitive space" -Crowdstar